Monday, November 3, 2014

Put custom business process into MS Dynamics AX. Part II: Data entry

It's the second step of the customization of Microsoft Dynamics AX (DAX). Remind that our aim is to put a custom business process into DAX. On this step we already have database structure - defined tables and datatypes. And we will try to give to an end-user an ability to input data in database. In other words we will design some forms.

Put custom business process into MS Dynamics AX. Part I: Data design

Some time ago I had to make acquaintance with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 (hereafter DAX). It should be investigated as one of potential applicant to the deployment as ERP system in company I am working on now. Furthermore first considerations show that some our business processes can not be placed into DAX from-the-box. So a customization, extensive enough, would be coming.

I decided to share my little experience and show how to put your specific processes into DAX.
I have obtained the information from MSDNTechnet and related blogs.

Just to remind, I am not an expert in DAX but all recipes below work for me and I hope would be usefull for you at the beginning of knowing DAX.